We’ve been on the Android wagon right from the launch of version 1.0. Since then we’ve been involved with projects for every version and API level.

Beyond just looking sleek and engaging, Android applications we create bring efficiency, interactivity, creativity and a host of powerful features that meet the target audience’s needs.

Our experience includes:

  • Apps for business and entertainment
  • Low-level mobile apps, SDKs, utilities and middleware
  • Enterprise mobility solutions
  • Android TV Box and custom video streaming apps

From smartphones and tablets to innovative Android-based devices eDrivenapps has a diverse portfolio of successful projects and marketable apps.


Presentation Layer

We make sure the apps we develop deliver a rewarding and enjoyable user experience through visual and functional ubiquity across a disparate Android device range as well as uninterrupted user journeys. We’re also skilled in rendering complex contact forms, data visualization and geolocation features along with rich graphics, including 3D, and many more.

  • XML

ORMs and Databases

We utilize the Android-compatible database along with proven methods for designing and querying database models:

  • SQLite

Android-driven Apps for Custom Hardware Platforms

We are capable of delivering Android-based apps for the brand-new devices emerging on the market, be it the OUYA game console, Google Glass or an interactive Android-based wrist watch.

eDrivenapps has accumulated a unique expertise in authoring Android apps for custom hardware platforms. Created to support interfacing between the target device and external hardware infrastructure such as Bluetooth I/O and IR, the apps utilize custom APIs to configure and control hardware. Some of the past project experience includes firmware implementation for a vibration sensor and custom, ruggedized, handheld Pocket PC development.

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