• eDrivenapps registered with the Apple Developer Program shortly after the public release of the iPhone back in 2007. Since then we have been involved with projects for every platform version and API level, including iOS versions for iPod Touch and iPad, both with and without Retina Display.
  • Our iOS team has a wealth of experience in developing mobile applications, which are employed across a range of domains — small and medium business operations management, entertainment, enterprise mobility, as well as low-level utilities.
  • We have a proven set of iOS-focused development tools, frameworks, and practices on hand, which ensure cohesion and manageability of the implementation process — from requirements gathering to release and progressing the app through the Apple review and publication routine all the way to maintenance and support of the released titles. Besides, the team provides mobile apps porting from/to Android OS.

Presentation Layer

We know how to create highly usable, intuitive, and compelling apps consistent in visual and functional presentation across a full range of iOS devices:

  • UIKit
  • Core Graphics
  • OpenGL ES
  • HTML + CSS

ORMs and Databases

We utilize the iOS-compatible databases and ORM instruments along with proven methods for database design:

  • SQLite
  • RestKit
  • CoreData

Start an iOS App Development Project Fast

We keep an eye on new releases of iOS and are always equipped and ready to help make your apps work beautifully as quick and painless as possible. Should you have a burning need for a new app for iPhone or iPad, drop us an email or give us a call.

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