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Levar B., CEO

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Ioana B., COO

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Roy Butler, SVP

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Ioana C. , Sr. Graphic Artist

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Shalain D. , Sr. Graphic Artist

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Walt G., VP

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Sara S., Sr. Editor

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Khachik T. , Sr. Developer

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Sayeed M. , Developer

Edelyn N., SEO/SMM Manager

Welcome to www.edrivenapps.com, your ideal source for mobile applications for all sorts of businesses such as Restaurants, Schools, Sports Clubs, Churches, Clinics and many more. We are committed to giving you the very best of mobile applications with a focus on affordability, fast, and usability. www.edrivenapps.com was founded by a team of husband and wife, Levar and Ioana Berry in the year 2014. Levar is an experienced and proficient programmer. He has been in the field of technology as a CRM consultant and Programmer since 1996. 

The Couple first started out of their passion for helping small businesses grow by making them available and accessible to their customers at all time.  This made them chose the mobile application industry. Everyone spends most hours of their day with their phones and not their PC thus a mobile app will create an easy access to their desired website. This gave the couple the impetus to turn hard work, experience, inspiration and proficiency into an online booming mobile app store.

We now serve customers all over places (both in the US and outside) and are excited to be part of the eco-friendly section of the mobile Apps industry. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. 

For further enquiries, comments or advices, kindly contact us.

Kind Regards,

Levar Berry / Ioana Berry




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