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eDriven Apps provides the step-by step assistance till you reach your goal. With new innovative products and apps we take your business to new heights. Our mission is to get things done according to customer demand.

SaaS Support

Got a SaaS Idea?

Maybe your idea isn’t bound to a single app.  You need to offer an entire ecosystem of software as a service to your customers.  We are able to be your Enterprise Software Team without the overhead of having a full-time staff.   



Got A Mobile App Idea?

So you woke up one morning with an idea for an app.  You have no idea how to code it yourself or who to even ask.

You probably don’t even understand any of the technical terms and jargon to explain it to a developer.

All you know is,  If you had this app you can “Market the Rocks Off” of it.  You’d be able to shout it to the world. If only you can find someone who can help you.

eDriven Apps caters to small entrepreneurs who are just starting their journey.   You don’t have to come with a massive billion budget.   All you need to do is contact us.  We’ll work it out. Contact us now to get started.

How it Works

We believe every business is different and has different requirements. If you believe in your idea and are ready to make a difference edriven app is We keep the customized and personalized process for every product. However in most scenarios, we have the following basic process to make the best invention.
Submit the idea of your business or App
We will analyze and understand the business requirements
Getting the scope and development technologies
Wireframing making data flow and architect design
Making visuals and user friendly design
Integrating best app monitoring tool
Publishing the App
Product support and maintenance


eDriven is the one stop shop to fulfill all your mobile or web app requirements. Selecting the right platform building advanced app solution with high standards of work quality. We do everything for you to get your product to market.


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Our Featured Projects

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